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I've just fallen in love with my SFTR again!

10/1/2003 10:25 PM
I've just fallen in love with my SFTR again!
I went and fallen in love with my 1975 silverface Twin Reverb all over again.  
The other day, I started playing through my Twin and I also fired-up my Peavey Classic 50 410 and boy did the Twin ever mop-up the floor with the Peavey!  
Now don't get me wrong because the Classic 50 is not a bad amp for the price but the Twin is just in another league all together. BTW, my SFTR has been blackfaced, master volume bypassed and I also replaced the blue Utah speakers with a pair of Weber VST California 12s. What tone!  
Man, that Leo Fender sure built some fine amps.
10/1/2003 11:53 PM

Yeah . . . and it's loud too!  
10/2/2003 8:51 AM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Hi HB  
Cool !  
Did repair/semi-bf that DualShowmanReverb for a customer and did modify his Marshall JCM800 1959 ..... now he wanna use his Marshall for clean .....  
Leo did built some fine guitars and amps and he couldn't play more then 3 chords !  

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