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Re: understanding voltage feedback in common MI amps

10/2/2003 6:42 PM
Carl Gigun Re: understanding voltage feedback in common MI amps
That a cool explanation, Speed. I never knew about the jtm45 having the most nfb, interesting bit of history.  
I installed a variable nfb in my amp using the jtm45 47k series resistor and a 5k pot wired as a variable resistor, no presence control. Very noticable changes as you turn the dial, except nowadays I pretty much leave it cranked to the "no feedback" end of the dial and use ultra linear mode to get the bass under control instead.  
-Carl Gigun
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10/2/2003 7:08 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Joe :  
excellent post !  
I was busy with comparable things in various Fenders last week and did use the same "math" .  

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