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Schematic Drawing Software

9/25/2003 9:51 PM
David Root
Schematic Drawing Software
I tried SmartDraw but it's just not tuned in to us tube freaks. I know lots of you guys do really nice schematics on this and other forums.  
What works for you?
9/26/2003 9:59 AM
Mikko Kankaanpää
For schematics  
Circuitmaker 2000 (there is free student version)  
For pcs layouts (no tubes)  
Circad (from ) Very easy and fast to use.  
There used to be totally free demo version (full version minus gerber out).  
Or pencil and scanner...  
9/28/2003 10:46 AM
Dave H.

I like ExpressSCH. It’s part of ExpressPCB and the price is right ;) You can download it here -  
There’s a schematic I did with it here -  
It doesn’t have any tube symbols but it’s easy to draw your own or I could send you the ones I generated.  
If a link doesn’t work select it in the address bar and hit return  
9/28/2003 1:03 PM

ill take those tube symbols, please. i use both of those programs. thanx!!  
9/28/2003 8:16 PM
Dave H.

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