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Q: What kind of amp is this?

9/20/2003 1:45 PM
Q: What kind of amp is this?
I've seen a number of old second-hand low wattage combo tube amps pop up in local pawn shops over the years and I'm wondering if they're all made by the same manufacturer or what the story is on these. I live in Canada BTW.  
These amps usually have no logo but say "made in Canada" in small letters on the front panel. These amps stand about knee high and are about 14-15 inches wide and maybe 5 inches deep. One amp had something like T.Eaton Co. in the back. Probably from the Eaton's store.  
The one I was looking at last night had one 12" no-name speaker and I've also seen them with two 6" or 8" speakers. The front panel had three inputs, input 1 gave a nice tube crunch but at a moderate volume. Good for blues.  
The chickenhead knobs on the front from left to right are, Volume, Treble, Bass, Tremolo(clicks off when ccw), then an On/Off slider switch. The Tremolo knob only controlled intensity and not speed.  
There were (2)12AX7a tubes and (2)other tubes, maybe EL84s? one of these tubes was a TungSol.  
This particular amp was really messed-up so I passed on it, they wanted $60.00 canadian. The baffle board was replaced with that cheap wall paneling from the 70's and the backboard of the amp was missing. The top of the cabinet was split in one corner and the handle was missing, it also looked like they redid the grill cloth because it looked kind of crooked, the grill cloth was dark brown.  
I'm guessing that these amps are probably from the 60s. Do these types of amps ring a bell with anybody out there?  
I'd like to know more about these pawnshop specials. Also, was $60.00 a fair price for this particular amp?
9/20/2003 4:09 PM
Wild Bill

Humbucker, apparently it was common in those days for Eatons and other such stores to contract a canadian mfg for amps to carry in their catalogue.  
Garnet amps out of Winnipeg built a lot of these, I'm told. You might want to hit a website and compare the schematic.  
Most of the smaller ones used a tube rectifier like a 35w4, a 50c5 output and a couple of 12ax7's lit up in a series string, with no power transformer.  
I'm not aware of any particular vintage value to such amps. I've picked up a few in yard sales for 5-10 bucks and used them for parts. Even the lowpowered ones are worth that much. Recover the case, mount a decent speaker (hopefully you don't have to make a new baffle) and the chassis always has lots of room to add a PT. I did one for my daughter when she was 10 installing a pair of 8" spkrs and PP 6AQ5's in a BF style circuit that doesn't sound or look to bad at all! She wound up taking it to school for "show and tell"...I was a proud papa that day!  
---Wild Bill
9/20/2003 6:09 PM
Glen H.
Garnet made 20 or more "stencil" amps under names such as "Ram", "Mann", "Viscount", "Raven", "Vagabond" (Eatons' brand). Look for the CSA designation LR24510 (hope this # is correct). All Garnets (incl. stencils) have this designation.  
I own an Eatons Vagabond model amp with 2xEL84's and 2x12AX7's, and it is a nice amp, despite the cheap 12" Marsland speaker.  
Check out these links if you want to learn more about these Canadian-built amps:  
Have fun!!!  
9/23/2003 12:50 PM

Thanks a lot guys!  
Please check out my latest post titled "I need some help from all amp techs".

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