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My 2x 100watts amp

7/31/2003 6:28 PM
My 2x 100watts amp
Here are the picts of my own 2x100 watts power amp, I use this one with a rocktron pirhana...  
This one run in Ultra Linear.  
The OT and PT are toroidal and work fine.  
This issue is in a (homemade) 4U rack but soon I'll rework to mount in a 2U with a different PCB based on the mesa 2.90 with some additions.  
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8/1/2003 1:55 AM
jeremy-Scinnimim Amplfiers

looks good, pef. maybe hook up a website w pics, so we can see the guts? :D  
8/1/2003 3:25 AM
Nice looking amp...  
what does it hook up to (speakers)?  
and what sort of gear do you drive it with, pef?
8/1/2003 10:13 AM

I dismantled this amplifier yesterday evening...  
Then it's no possible ti see the guts...  
With this I use some guitars (Gibson, Manne etc ), with a 4x12 eminence speakers cab, a rocktron pirhana and other little things.  
The next evolution of this one is electronicaly based on the Mesa 2.90 with some improved modifications, multi bias tuning ( one pot / tube ), modern and deep swichcs, UL-Triode-Pentode switch, 4 or 8 ohms outputs.  
All will fit in a 2U rack with horizontal tubes, it's hard ! :-)
8/2/2003 4:56 AM
Chris B

Awesome! Probably sounds like Thor's hammer when you hit a power-chord!! :D  
Chris B
8/2/2003 9:14 AM

Sound very good and very loud !
8/2/2003 5:59 PM
steve conner

Was it based on the Velleman hi-fi amp kit?

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