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Do guitar cables make a difference?

7/27/2003 9:01 PM
Shane Do guitar cables make a difference?
If so, what's your favorite? Monster 500, George L, etc?
7/28/2003 1:58 AM
Quantum Audio for the main guitar cable, I use George L's skinny stuff for everything else.  
7/28/2003 2:41 AM

you can listen demos of different cables at:
7/28/2003 3:38 AM
jeremy-Scinnimim Amplfiers

whatever i have. actually, i havent bought a cbale in about 8 years, i just keep fixing mine. i feel that the extra dollars for the monsters or whatever, is money that could be spent on picks, strings and other things that have a greater imapct on tone.  
7/28/2003 4:16 AM
Yes, but so does every thing else in the signal chain. Unless you dig deep the cost/effect thang wont balance out.
7/28/2003 4:40 AM
Chris B

I think that the cable you're using is of minor concern, unless it's a very bad cable that craclkes or has capacitance problems. Cable length and cable capacitance per foot is important, but I've yet to hear a significant difference in Monster Cable or Horizon or even Radio Shack cables.  
Your pickups, amp, and speakers have way more effect. I'm sure that the audience won't care one bit if you're using Monster Cable or the $15 cable that your local music store had on sale last week.  
Chris B
7/28/2003 5:18 AM
Matt H
i've found the jacks (and their connection) actually matter more than the cable itself.
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