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DR Z on the Bench

7/9/2003 3:19 PM
Frank DeSalvo
DR Z on the Bench
I have a Maz 18 Jr on the bench. I haven't cracked it open yet, but check this out. A roadie dropped this amp from a height of about 5 feet. The mounting flanges on the PT and OT snapped and they are just hanging from their wires. The guitarist decided to turn the damn thing on and he saw a flash and some smoke! Jeez...can't wait to see the chassis...I'll keep y'all updated.  
7/9/2003 9:25 PM

Ouch !  
Good luck !
7/9/2003 10:53 PM

Frank thats a good one! Most likely a wire pulled loose,or it pulled on things hard enough that it has came in contact with something close to it. Or where the wires go through the chassis,its cut into the wire. Shouldn't be hard to  
Might also look it over close, and see what other things might have happenend. Maybe that rodie guy used to work for UPS.  
7/9/2003 11:27 PM
John Culp

If not, he's liable to be looking for a job with UPS.
7/10/2003 2:46 AM

HAHAHAHA!!! yep he seems to fit the qualification  
Good one John..  
We used to hang out back of the shows,in my young days, while they unloaded the equipment. Sometimes they let us help. I once saw them throw a Hiwatt head out the back of the truck,and someone missed it,and it hit onto the ground..  
Crunnnnch.. they said ahh thats ok we have plenty more..  
7/10/2003 8:30 AM
MJ Harnish

You might try contacting Mike Z. since he's usually pretty helpful and might even be willing to help you out getting replacement parts for it. :)  
7/10/2003 2:00 PM
Frank DeSalvo Update
Well, I just took the chassis out of the cabinet. THe OT mounts are bent to heck and the PT still has three decent flanges left.  
After a cursory glance at the inside, I can see that the green/yellow wire of the PT has stripped from rubbing against the chassis and it's conductor was against the bare chassis. When the owner turned it on, it may have grounded out and blew a fuse or something else...If DR Z would have used some grommets here, this wouldn't have occurred. He just used some heat shrink where the wires passed through the chassis. Jeez, I'm going to have to take the damn main board out...more to come.  
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