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Heppner speakers

7/7/2003 3:27 PM
Heppner speakers
Anyone ever heard of Heppner speakers?  
I just bought a pair of 12" 50's Heppner drivers  
and don't know what the power handling is. I read  
something about them a few years ago but cannot  
remember if the article was expounding on their lack of tone quality or abundance of such, I just  
know that $32 is cheap for a pair of alnico 12's.  
Of course if they sound like the drivers used in pull-string toys then I paid too much but I can't help but think that a pair of 50's alnico drivers will shine in one application or another, like a low watt guitar or harp combo or a lid for my circular file.  
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7/7/2003 5:02 PM
Hammond organs shipped with Heppner speakers for many years. As guitar speakers I haven't found them to be useful. They sometimes have whizzer cones which makes them unsuitable for guitar but even the ones that don't really don't sound good for guitar in my experience. They sound fizzy, barky, & thin.  
Just my two cents...  
- P
7/7/2003 8:33 PM

Thank you for your insight, these have no whizzer cone.  
I wonder if the fizzy, barky, thin sound could  
be changed with a recone, i'll try them out first  
with a couple of small amps, never know.  
Were the speakers desirable in the Hammonds  
or did the serious organ grinders change them out  
7/8/2003 3:40 AM

I've got 4 10" Heppner's in a tweed twin clone. I don't know what these originally came out of, but they sound better than the Jensen P10Q's I've got...  
hope this helps...
7/8/2003 6:28 AM

I have heard mixed reviews of the Heppners, some say great and some say bad. I think they might have changed models at some point in time in the hammond organs because I have heard about both ribbed and straight cones, and wizzer cones too. I have two here but still haven't mounted them in a cab to try so I can't really help there. One constant thing that I have read is don't use much power, they are only maybe 15W max speakers.  
7/8/2003 7:16 PM
As a far as I am aware, Hammond players didn't mess around with replacing them. YMMV of course but I have yet to hear a Heppner speaker sound anything close to good with a guitar amp.  
Hammond organ amps were designed for minimal distortion & were low-powered to boot. I think the Heppners are generally about as useful as Jensen C12S speakers. Might sound great in an SE amp or some little 8-10 watt p-p amp but for most guitar applications they just don't cut it.  
IMO of course.  
- P

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