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How do I determine an amps min speaker requirement?

6/29/2003 11:18 PM
kluson guy How do I determine an amps min speaker requirement?
I have a Garnet Revelution amp that I would like to know the minimum speaker load it can handle. Since it is a bit of an oddball amp there are no sure schematics to answer my question.  
The amp has a 16ohm speaker in it at the moment but I would like to pop a 8 ohm Celestion in. I don't want to blow the OT, is there a way to figure this out?  
Any links or help appreciated. Thanks!
6/30/2003 10:54 AM
Stefaan Van Slycken

a smaller impedance speaker won't damage your amp. Also, a 100% impedance mismatch is still accepatble...  
6/30/2003 12:57 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )
"a smaller impedance speaker won't damage your amp"  
not completely true :)  
You're right about the 100% mismatch ( also depends on the used OT ) but most ss-amps can't handle lower impedance loads and connecting a 4 ohms load to a 16 ohms output will damage most (tube)amps .  
6/30/2003 7:14 PM
kluson guy
Thanks guys,  
The Garnet is a 2-6L6 style amp. So, running a 8 ohm load from a 16 ohm OT would be safe & fine.  
Just for my information, if I can identify the transformer will I be able to determine the correct output?
7/1/2003 6:44 AM

I"m not sure, but I think most Garnet stuff is 8 ohm.  
Thats what I run mine at anyway:)  
7/2/2003 7:09 AM
kluson guy
Thanks again!
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