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Tube sockets and boards

6/27/2003 4:48 AM
Steve A.
Tube sockets and boards
My intention is putting the sockets right on the board.  
    Here's a neat trick for integrating tube sockets with printed circuit boards:  
" target="_blank">">  
    Here's a picture of John Kelley Brown's Transatlantic that uses the same trick:  
    You get the advantages of the tight lead dress without the disadvantages (like the board being subjected to high temperatures from the tubes).  
Steve Ahola
6/27/2003 11:31 AM

Do you need to make boards like this one ?  
I just use Corel Draw to draw, and I route on paper, it's always better to route yourself...
6/27/2003 12:45 PM

I used that method too but I suggest making the holes in the board somewhat bigger as this makes accessibility a lot easier as I found out. If you want to change something for whatever reason, e.g. exchange the entire socket, you need bigger holes in my opinion.  
Regards Alf
6/27/2003 6:33 PM
jeremy-Scinnimim Amplfiers
Re: PCB Design for tube amps
ill be posting a pic in a few days of my solution to this dilemna.  
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