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mylar, polypropylene, polyester

6/6/2003 5:47 PM
Jon mylar, polypropylene, polyester
What's the differences (sound wise) with these caps?
6/6/2003 10:23 PM
Rick Erickson

"What's the differences (sound wise) with these caps?"
One type sounds "really good" and the other's suck... ;)  
As stated in another thread - it depends on the amp and where you use them. for the record - Polyester and Mylar are the same material, so now we're down to two types, Polyester and Polypropylene. Polypropylene caps seem to have an inherrently faster response which is great for hi-fi and some guitar sounds but isn't everyones cup of Tulley's. I prefer Polyester (Mylar) in most of the stuff I build/repair. Don't worry about being confused with all the different opinions you hear & read. Just do this stuff for a number of years and you will form your own thought & opinions about what works for you.  
6/6/2003 10:36 PM
et hop !
6/6/2003 10:45 PM
Dr. Blues
Re: mylar, polypropylene, polyester
check here for more info:  
cioa...dr. blues
6/6/2003 11:23 PM

""One type sounds "really good" and the other's suck""  
Now thats a test!  
You can read and read, lots of cap info of how they are made, what type does what, all the little techy info of the different brands..  
tests like in the link above.. what voltage or frequency it was tested at,leakage, bla bla bla..  
but it will boil down to what Rick posted..  
the sound or tone to your ears is the real test.  
6/6/2003 11:39 PM

dpnt forget, there is also metallized of each. that brings the total up to 4 types.... evil grin :)  
6/7/2003 1:59 AM
Alvin Maiden
Mylar and polyester are the same thing basically. Polypropylene is a faster cap that has a lower ESR than polyester, and gives more accurate transient response. A more accurate cap such as polypropylene sometimes is not always considered best for guitar amps because it may not sound as mellow as caps of lessor quality. It really comes down to personal choice.  
This topic is frequently discussed and there will always be a few people who say that caps don't make a difference. To my ears they make lots of difference, even between different brands of the same general type.  
Not all polypropylene's are created equal for example. I find Sprague 715's to sound very nice compared to Sprague polyesters. Xicon also makes a nice sounding polypropylene. I'd stay away from the very high end stuff made by specialty manufacturers that cater to the DIY hi-fi crowd because those caps are so radically clean and transient responsive that they may not shape the guitar tone as nicely as you may want.

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