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Re: how many of you think this idea sucks....

6/6/2003 5:35 AM
MJ Harnish
Re: how many of you think this idea sucks....
It's a cool project and suitable for a beginner though I usually advise people to stick to a lower gain amp for their first try. However, if you're thinking about using this in a band situation, keep in mind that you're talking about a low wattage amp there that will be easily drown out by a loud drummer.
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6/6/2003 6:50 AM

true... i was hoping to get it just above that drowning out point, but enought to push the tubes into action. I was planning on micing the cab anyway. I can put a little in my monitor if i really need i suppose.
6/6/2003 4:09 PM

i have a P1, and it sounds great, and i am modding in up to HO standards soon. its not very loud though, so you will need either lots of high sensitivity speakers, or you will need to mic it. miced they are perfect for gigs apparantely though..  
6/14/2003 6:26 AM

Looks nice! I can't wait to hear the build report when it's done!  
C ya,  
6/14/2003 7:04 AM

Hi everybody!  
Javalon,if you want the ultimate cool amp,build one>like that.That's proper cool!  
If you want a marshallish sound,either Traynor,bassmate is one model which comes to mind,but i'm not sure it's the best for you.Or a Mig 60 sovtek. A mig 50 would do too,but avoid the H version.And be prepared to mod that one.  
Best regards.  

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