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Transformer question re: which tap sounds best

6/3/2003 12:29 PM
Lee M.
Transformer question re: which tap sounds best
"...lots of people will tell you that an amp sounds better when you run it through the highest available impedance on the output transformer, because the signal is going through all the windings of the transformer. When there's a multi-tap output transformer, the lower impedance taps use less of the wiring of the transformer."  
This quote was from another internet discussion group. If we assume this is true, is there any electronics theory that accounts for this phenomenon?
6/3/2003 2:46 PM

i think it's crap.  
the amp sounds best when you run the speaker off the tap that makes the biggest smile on your face. :D  
(yes, it's that simple!)  
the electronics theory is that by utilizing the entire secondary winding you minimize the leakage inductance of the tranny. objectively, this is the most "hifi" way to run it, but this ain't hifi.  
6/3/2003 6:30 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Generally speaking it's not true at all, if, and I mean a big IF, ...the output tranny is made right in the first place!!  
Most well made trannys have thicker wire used in the the lower taps to compensate for the additional current at lower voltages. Which should mean that you can't hear the difference because it's a turns ratio thing compormised by basic DC resistance.  
However, my experience has shown me that I can hear/feel/sense... a difference when using all of the secondary winding in a cheap tranny, and for some reason, a cheap one sounds better to me when the whole secondary is used with it's correct load. Why? don't know... guess I just like the cheap OT sound using the whole secondary and with all the nuances better.  
6/3/2003 8:23 PM

hi bruce,  
are you sure you're hearing changes in the tranny, and not changes in the load? how are you compensating for the fact that the output Z of the amp changes when you use different portions of the secondary?  

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