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OEI or Mercury Magnetics OT ?

5/29/2003 3:03 PM
J Payant
OEI or Mercury Magnetics OT ?
I want to buy a 50w OT for a Marshall upgrade, which do you suggest.
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5/29/2003 3:28 PM

You're probably splitting hairs. I would think minor tweeks in your circuit would have greater effects on the amps tone. Both trannies are top notch.
5/29/2003 5:38 PM
J Payant

Thanks for the reply, I'm testing presently with a JCM800 2204 OT and a early metal panel Marshall OT. The 2204 one has no bass with tight distortion while the other has fat lows with fuzzy distortion. An OEI or MM will be superior in quality to both of these ?
5/29/2003 5:41 PM
MJ Harnish

The OEI is a great OT and a perfect match for a 2204. I can't say if it's better than a MM but I don't think you'll be disappointed in it at all.  
5/29/2003 7:17 PM
ted m
I have both new and boxed, that I was planning to try out in my plexi reissue, but i've got so many projects ahead, and am actually pretty happy with my stock reissue OT, I don't know when or if I'll get to this project.  
You can email me with a reasonable offer on either or both at or I may have on ebay when I get time for pics.
5/29/2003 5:44 PM
J Payant

I have both new and boxed....  
Too late I just send an order at MM, but if I like it I have other amps that could use one. The OEI would probably go high on Ebay cause OEI are not returning emails since a couple months and a bunch of people want them.
5/29/2003 5:50 PM

and am actually pretty happy with my stock reissue OT  
Then you LOVE either the OEI or MM, the stock OT is pretty bad IMHO.  
Bought a reissue to test out one of my boards in and gave it a hammering before the work started. Sounded okay but IMHO kinda fuzzy. Replaced the board and dropped in a MMag OT in at the same time and the improvement was STELLAR. Have no illusions about replacing the board so I'm thinking that the OT was 98% if not more of the improvement of tone.  
You want to bump this to the front of the line IMHO.  

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