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Re: Here is the Ultra-Phonix!

5/31/2003 5:41 PM
bob predaina Re: Here is the Ultra-Phonix!
i can see it now... the next generation of Dumble clones will have counterfeit warning labels on them! We need to get that warning label posted to the web so that everyone can put it on their cap cans!!!
5/31/2003 7:47 PM

All he has to do is build or disguise the amp in a cab with Peavey on it, no one would want to even look inside..  
6/1/2003 12:59 AM
I'd like to slap some o'them labels on my Crate's. Fetch a little more at Ebay time.
6/2/2003 4:17 AM
Chris B

"All he has to do is build or disguise the amp in a cab with Peavey on it, no one would want to even look inside.."
Hey! Don't knock Peavey stuff! (at least not the solid state stuff. :D) Peavey's tube amps blow, but their SS stuff is better than all the rest of solid state amp-dom!  
On the other hand, I'm going to gut the Delta Blues POS and build something in there, not quite sure what yet, but probably something similar to an AC-30. The shittiest tube amp I've ever owned, but evidently I liked it at one time. It's entirely too heavy (the cabinet alone weighs 20+ Lbs!!!) and the 15" speaker isn't exactly the best choice for a high-gain amplifier like the Delta Blues' OD channel.  
Gotta sell my Silvertone 1483 and matching 1 x 15" cab so I can buy parts for the DB's reconstruction.  
Chris B
5/30/2003 5:03 PM
Rick Erickson
Re: Dumble's Hot Rubber Monkey
[QUOTE]"'The Dumble's HRM distortion circuit-which stands for Hot Rubber Monkey- has low, mid, and high trim pots. They're interactive, so you can really tweak the tone. Dumble voiced the head for me while I played in his shop.'"  
So is this the old OD internal tone stack or something else?[/QUOTE]  
I get the impression that it is the same trim pot tone stack found in the "Skyliner" amp. Personally I like to adjust the "HRM" (Hot-Rod-Marshall"?) tone stack so there is little or no tonal shift when the distortion circuit is engaged. I think that's the "magic" setting. ymmv  
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