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Re: Ultraphonix & the Steel String Singer

5/24/2003 9:39 PM
steve snider
Re: Ultraphonix & the Steel String Singer
A lot of those Bandmasters were coming out of a store in Santa Monica in 2000. Dumble was doing his Ultraphonix clean mods for $650. There is a dozen or so I believe. They sound good and he tweaked the front end a little for those guys that wanted to use it with pedals. That same mod has been done to most of Landau's amps both fenders and some marshalls.  
The SSSingers I played do have some gain when pushed and altough sound good his newer clean mod is better sounding to me at least from what I have played and heard..  
5/22/2003 7:30 AM
Mark S switching
Well, it is just a DPDT that selects between the tone stack in one position, and the the coupling cap/resistor combo (as shown on the hybrid version A) in the other position.  
With all the controls and switches on this amp, I have barely scratched the surface, but I think it is a very worthwhile project. The OD even sounds good with all the pickup combinations of my megaswitch wired guitar, whereas with my other amps + tube screamer I mostly only liked the bridge position JB4 for overdrive.
5/22/2003 11:49 PM

Hmmmm... interesting. Weird names just add to the confusion. Dumble hasn't, as far as I know, had a spec sheet or brochure of his more recent amps that may list the circuit names, give some description, or at least give an idea of circuit chronology. Maybe Andy Fuchs or Gil Ayan have some info? Or perhaps the Two Rock guys have already cloned the Hot Rubber Monkey. ;)  
5/23/2003 5:10 PM
Heiko Frost
Here is the Ultra-Phonix!
Hey there,  
This is what Howard has been up to recently:  
-Heiko Frost
5/23/2003 8:09 PM

Very Cool. I love that sticker. Better than gooping the circuit board apparently. I wonder how much they want for it. Someone buy it and post the schematic. :D Kidding, just kidding. The mystery continues......... Thanks.  
5/23/2003 9:35 PM

Just guessing, but in my estimation HRM might have originally stood for something technical which might have had meaning to someone other than Dumble if they would have heard it.  
He might have used those initials casually identifying a certain amp option to a listener, but the monkey part might have been what he came up with when pressed to explain what the HRM stands for. If he didn't want to say what it really meant, that could be too revealing.  
probably a great sounding amp, and I bet he is now using better relays than what we have seen in the few chassis pictures floating around.  
5/24/2003 1:52 PM
Whata tossa!
Hi everybody!  
Calling bootlegers and amp pirates a "disgusting lot".Well what would you call somebody shotguning a nice blackface bandmaster to make it into another circuit???? and calling us a disgusting lot?


might sound well no?  
Best regards.  
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