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Dumble's Hot Rubber Monkey

5/22/2003 1:39 AM
Dumble's Hot Rubber Monkey
Just got the July '03 issue of Guitar Player. In it there is an interview with Sonny Landreth and a side article detailing his live gear with his band The Goners. One of the heads he uses is a Dumble Overdrive Special. This is a quote from the article; "'The Dumble's HRM distortion circuit-which stands for Hot Rubber Monkey- has low, mid, and high trim pots. They're interactive, so you can really tweak the tone. Dumble voiced the head for me while I played in his shop.'"  
So is this the old OD internal tone stack or something else? I've heard this HRM mentioned before with Eric Johnsons' name surrounding it, but I thought he no longer used Dumbles. Any ideas, info gossip or day old bread?  
5/22/2003 1:56 AM

Here are my two cents (might be worth less than that even)  
I believe that the HRM has been around for quite awhile. There is much speculation on what the lead EQ circuit is called or if there are multiple ones. I used to feel that if it had a lead EQ, then it was a Skyliner amp, but I no longer feel that is true. I think at this point it really doesn't matter for so many reasons...... One thing that may be of interest is the circuit he presently builds -- which is titled "Ultraphonix." Apparently, Ultraphonix was developed when Stevie was still around and him and Dumble were working together on it, but I really don't know much else about it.  
The ridiculous mystery continues....  
See ya  
5/22/2003 10:46 PM
Ben N

"The ridiculous mystery"  
Cool name for a band.
5/22/2003 10:47 PM
Ben N is Hot Rubber Monkey, I might add.
5/22/2003 3:13 AM
Mark S Re: lead tone stack
I recently got my "Hybrid Rev A" build (cathode bias power amp) going, with a a lead tone stack that can be switched in and out. I like a lot of bass in the clean sound and it is nice to be able to take it out of the OD sound.
5/22/2003 5:14 AM

When you say you're able to switch out the lead EQ what exactly are you doing? Are you lifting the mid from ground or something more complicated (ie: routing signal a different way?)  
See ya  
5/22/2003 7:27 AM
Heiko Frost
Ultraphonix & the Steel String Singer
Hey there,  
Regarding the Ultraphonix, Overland Express just sold a Fender Bandmaster(I thinl?!) that was modded into the circuit. God, I wish I had kept the photos he posted which showed the tube count but not much else. Dumble didn't even bother with changing the faceplate. If it weren't for the sticker on the inside slagging off "pirates" wanting to steal his designs, you would not even tell it was modded until you plugged in or took a look under the hood. Some dude on the Les paul forum ones one along with a number of other Dumbles including the Hot Rubber Monkey believe.  
Does anyone here have any info on the Steel String Singer circuit wise? I'm not looking for a schematic as much as a block diagram of how it looks gain stage wise.  
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