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Re: Dr Z schematic..

5/7/2003 6:47 PM
MJ Harnish Re: Dr Z schematic..
This is a true. My Carmen Ghia is actually worth more now used than what I originally paid for it. :O)
5/11/2003 4:01 PM
Bruce J
Well, I briefly had a Carmen Ghia but I returned it. It just did not "do it" for me. I am not at all saying it did not sound good. I have built both the 18 watt clone and a Spitfire clone and prefer them to the GC but that is just me. Mike Zaite's amplifiers have incredible re-sale value so if you buy one you can re-sell and won't lose any money. If you try to clone it you won't get squat for it. So I say, If you want a Dr. Z, just buy one. Now, if you want a vintage Marshall 18 watt and don't have $8000.00 for a "real one" then build one for WAY less. That makes sense to me. Heck, I saw a Spitfire on e-Bay the other day for $1500.00, I had less than $400.00 in mine and I used Dave West trannies and it is awesome! Now that amp "does it" for me! Bruce
5/9/2003 6:12 AM
Steve A.
Here ya go...
    ... you just need to fill in the blanks:  
" target="_blank">">  
Steve Ahola
5/9/2003 8:30 AM

study the leak stereo schematics!  
5/9/2003 9:59 AM
Stefaan Van Slycken

judging the look of that, drawing up a schematic yourself shouldn't be *that* hard... Just don't post it anywhere ;)  
kind regards  
5/9/2003 12:42 PM
dave b

Find a schematic of the Hammond Organ reverb amplifier that uses EL84's. That will get you the power supply, PI, and power amp configuration.  
Experiment with different preamps & come up with your own favorite. You'll be an original. (Kinda)  
5/9/2003 3:05 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

I've worked on a few DR. Z amps and can tell you that many of you guys have probably built an amp or two VERY VERY similar to many of his amps but I bet you haven't spent the serious time Mike probably has refining and tweaking that last 5% of the amp!  
His reverb mix scheme is a little different that what you might expect to see, especialy if you are use to Fender reverb, but other then that,... I think it's just plain hard work on Dr. Z's part to get that last 5%!!  
Ha ha  

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