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Re: Update on blown up new amp

5/6/2003 3:58 AM
Chris B
Re: Update on blown up new amp
I've got IE 5.5. It came on Compuserve software for their version 7.0, IIRC.  
Chris B
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5/5/2003 7:08 PM
Doug Shaw (not Doug S)

"it's a two-step process to avoid the spambots."  
Makes sense. Must be why harmony central lists email addresses as "name at" or something like that.  
5/5/2003 7:00 PM

Hey Doug, glad to hear the amp showed up after all. Re your description of the amp: 40 watts is a lot of wattage to send thru a single 12" alnico speaker. What speaker is it?
5/5/2003 7:10 PM
Doug Shaw (not Doug S)

Its a Fane alnico. Huge magnet. I guess we'll see how much it can take. Its probably closer to 35 watts.  
5/5/2003 10:57 PM
The old Fane alnicos were good to 100W; you should be more than OK (the old Pete Townshend speakers from the Hiwatt days.)  
5/6/2003 12:04 AM

I worked on a Holland amp a few weeks back and it had the blue Fanes.. one was locked up and the other was a bassman type amp 2 6L6s  
But.. i don't know if they were put in sometime later..i think it was an e-bay amp..  

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