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Update on blown up new amp

5/5/2003 2:00 PM
Doug Shaw (not Doug S)
Update on blown up new amp
Some time back I posted a message about receiving a new boutique amp that I fired up with a disconnected speaker lead. This resulted in (as I now know) a blown output transformer. There was certainly some other damage as well, based on the snaps, crackles, pops, loud HUMMMM, and flashes that I saw at the time she blew.  
Then in a later separate thread, to make a long story short, I was asking people to keep a lookout for the amp because it was taking so long to get back to the builder I was worried it was stolen from the US Mail.  
In that thread I revealed that the amp in question is a Kendrick GigRig. 35-40 watts, 2X6L6GC, big transformers, 1X12 alnico, single volume, bass, and treble controls, normal and bright inputs, and onboard 3-knob reverb, tweed cover. Nice little amp. Lightweight. I haven't played it yet (!), obviously, but based on the other Kendricks I've owned I expect it to sound pretty amazing.  
I got an email message from Gerald Weber. Repairs are underway, and he is doing everything at his expense. He said I was a valued customer and he wanted to make sure the amp was correct in every way.
And now, a word from our sponsors:

5/5/2003 2:01 PM
Doug Shaw (not Doug S)

I still don't see email addresses in my messages even though I do include it.
5/5/2003 3:18 PM
Chris B

There's a little "@" symbol in the upper right corner of the frame, next to your name. You're supposed to be able to click that to e-mail people, but it doesn't work for me. :( I just get a blank screen in that frame. I guess T-boy didn't test it with IE? Or maybe my computer is too antiquated to read it?  
Chris B
5/5/2003 3:58 PM
Mark Lavelle
The @ sign & email
I don't think it's IE - it's whatever your system and/or IE thinks is the default mail program.
5/5/2003 4:14 PM
Re: Update on blown up new amp
well, clicking on the @ gets you to another scripted page, which itself has a hyperlinked email address, which you can then click on and launch your default email program.  
it's a two-step process to avoid the spambots.  
5/5/2003 5:39 PM
Chris B

The second scripted page with the e-mail address is what isn't showing up on my screen, it's just a blank white page. It used to work for me when T-boy first started using it, but for some reason, it doesn't now. :(  
If I right click the blank screen and choose "Character Coding", then "Auto-detect", then "Auto-detect (All)", my e-mail form comes up with the address already filled in. Strange...  
Chris B
5/5/2003 9:55 PM

What version of IE are you using, Chris? The script behavior described by Ken is exaclty what's supposed to happen for IE, but what you're getting sounds like a broken version of the Netscape behavior.  

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