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cutting garolite boards

4/18/2003 7:50 PM
cutting garolite boards
What type of saw blade do I need for cutting down g-10 board? For a table saw.  
I just received my order from mcmaster, man those guys are fast.  
4/18/2003 9:29 PM
bob predaina
for Garolite, I'd use a carbide tipped crosscut blade.
4/19/2003 1:13 AM
Man, I cut a bunch of the garolite with the 2 ounce copper using a dremel and a small metal cutting disc  
that I bought from Wal Mart for the dremel. I think the disc is made of carbide or titianium but not sure but it does a perfect job cutting this stuff cleanly. Hope this helps.  
4/19/2003 1:16 AM
Gil Ayan
Nathan, I have heard so many people ask the same question, and I have heard reports by others having difficulty cutting the boards... Myself, I use a jigsaw with a regular metal blade, the kind that costs $1.50 at Home Depot. I have been cutting the G10 boards for years, of different colors and all (so hardness doesn't seem to be related to the dye used!) all with the same blade. What can I say? To me, the G10 cuts easier than wood... :)  
4/19/2003 3:21 AM

Can't beat a jigsaw. I'm a woodworker so that ain't no problem.  
Just received some of the blue g-10, very cool.  
Thanks, all,  
4/19/2003 5:03 AM

My bro. has a nice chop-saw so g-10 isn't an issue, I've used the blade he uses to cut through Aluminum (aluminium if you're on the other side of the pond...), and it goes through that like buttah... hth  
4/19/2003 2:52 PM

I usually use a Jig saw with a metal blade, or a band saw will work too.  
I do it like this....  
good luck...  
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