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A question for you Soldano cloners out there

3/16/2004 6:16 AM
Bill D.
A question for you Soldano cloners out there
The question is if this schematic: is accurate, I am modding a friend of mine's amp to sound similar to the SLO that he fell in love with at guitar center, but he diddn't have the extra $3000 lying around, so he gave me a call. Well I've followed the schematic to a tee, and the result is alot of blocking distortion, it really sounds bad, so before I start aimlessly digging to find a solution, I want to be sure of the schematic's correctness. And if it's any help, the amp is a 50 watt Laney pro tube lead. Any bit of help would be greatly appreciated.
3/16/2004 4:55 PM
Jed E.
The first two pages are incorrect. Use pages 3 and 4.
3/17/2004 5:33 AM
Bill D.

Thanks a alot Jed, this really saves me the headache of trial and error, thanks!
3/17/2004 6:33 AM
Bill D.

One more thing, I think my problem might be that I didd't use the first cathode follower (the FX loop driver), I simply skipped that part, put a 470k/470k voltage divider in between, could that be the origin of my problem? Is there a way that I can keep the fith gainstage without the first cathode follower?  
3/17/2004 1:47 PM

for the SLO sound, you must have the effects loop circuit in there, even if you dont have jacks for it. also, the 2 channels are out of phase.  
3/18/2004 8:29 AM
Bill D.

Hey Jeremy, I've heard that the duel cathode followers and the out of phase channels are a major part of the soldano sound, but I don't have the extra triode to work with and that whole channel switching thing just plain scares me :), so my solution was to simply look up the schematic for the peavey 5150 (which basicly is a SLO clone) and use what they used to link up the fourth and fith stages (1M/100k), anyways that worked well and it seems like it solved my blocking distortion problem. So once again, many thanks to those who responded.  
3/18/2004 11:43 PM
Rick Erickson

Amazing, my little service drawing has now made it to PDF form. There were aparently a couple errors made on my original pencil sketch and more created when it was transfered to a CAD drawing. I still see at least one error on the current preamp schematic. (PDF,page 3) I don't think it will do much harm though. For the record, this was a very early SLOD and may not reflect the best sounding ones out there, which could also explain some of the "errors" others have found that I could trace back to my original sketches. One of the best SLOD's I've heard was a custom Soldano build using only one (gasp) cathode follower stage before the MV controls. The F/X loop was post MV on this model, something I think they all should be, given the way these amps switch modes, but that's another thread for another day. Anybody heard from Cliff Garrett lately?  
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