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PT suggestions please

2/25/2004 4:23 PM
Matt PT suggestions please
Looking for a PT for a 4-EL34 amp with 6 preamp tubes. Would like to have two LV secondaries, one @ 6.3vac/8A for the filaments and another 6.3vac secondary for channel switching (maybe could get by with a 5vac here). It's going onto a WeberVST 6M100 Marshall 100W chassis (standup mounting). I'm aware of the Hammond 272JX and 372JX. Any other contenders? TIA!
2/26/2004 6:09 PM

Send off an email to the guys at They probably have something that will do it for you, or can make it.
2/27/2004 3:42 PM
Haha, I've bought from Heyboer before and had already sent them an e-mail when I posted. I was just looking for any other suggestions but you are right. I've ordered the PT and choke from Heyboer. Relative to some of the more popular tranny vendors (one in particular), Heyboer is very reasonable. $125 for a 100W PT as described above PLUS a Marshall style choke and SHIPPED. Plus they'll freely give you the specs. I had a feeling I'd be going with them but wanted to test the waters again. Thanks.
3/20/2004 4:23 AM
Can you post those specs here, and the heyboer part numbers?
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