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TUT 4-stage preamp (Fig. 5-53); Opinions?

12/23/2003 1:47 AM
TUT 4-stage preamp (Fig. 5-53); Opinions?
Has anyone here tried the 4-stage preamp (figure 5-53) shown in TUT? It looks to be a modification of the standard Marshall MV preamp that converts the cathode follower stage into a gain stage (among a number of other things).  
Any input is appreciated!
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12/23/2003 5:55 PM
Mark Lavelle
Been there, done that! ;)  
It's capable of way more gain than I generally have any use for, and I never got my layout to the point where I could use all of it without squealing, anyway. OTOH, with a 12AY7 for the 1st & last stages it works nicely, for me.  
I've got a recording posted on my site (scroll down to the "Tonerator I" section):
12/24/2003 5:12 AM
I think the preamp you used (in the Tonerator I schematic on your site) is the standard London Power 2-channel preamp, not the 4-stage Marshall modification I'm referring to. See figure 5-53 in TUT for the schematic I'm talking about.  
I read on some BBS that the schematic I'm talking about is used in one of the Roccaforte amps.
12/24/2003 11:21 PM
Mark Lavelle
ooops! You're right, of course – I was writing that from work (now I'll have to go home & take another look)...

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