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Re: EL84 current draw

1/5/2004 12:54 PM
Carl Gigun
Re: EL84 current draw
Looks to me like it will probably work in a pinch, but something bigger would be better for long term use. Hammond's have a rep for being a bit underated. Kevin O'Connor has a lot of Hammond transformer info at his site  
He lists each power transformer with it's ratings, and then below that there's always a higher DC mA rating which I assume is a more "real world" max. The 269jx is listed at 353VDC-96mADC  
Two el84s with 300v on the plates is a standard example on most tube sheets, should draw between 75 - 100 mA total. A few extra mA for your preamp, and you're sometimes a little under max, sometimes a little over, depending on signal level. I'd give it a try, watch the transformer closely for heating, if it's getting too hot order a bigger transformer.  
good luck,  
-Carl Gigun

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