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chieftain from scratch....which trannies????

11/4/2003 1:33 PM
french julien
chieftain from scratch....which trannies????
hi there everybody, i'm starting to stock documents to build my owm matchless chieftain...those are rare and very xpensive here in france....  
i need trannies to start  
what would you choose? there's many 350-0-350...  
any help welcome...  
julien from france.
11/4/2003 3:45 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Hi Julien does sell original Matchless transformers and chokes , the Chieftain does use the DC30 set .  
11/4/2003 5:25 PM
thanx a lot chris, i'll check those ones.  
regards.merci beaucoup. :)  
11/5/2003 3:07 PM
scott c
how about the clubman 35?
11/5/2003 4:44 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Hi Julien  
Au revoir , merci bien & voulez vous couchez avec moi ...... is the only french I do remember from high school and holidays :D :) .  
You're welcome !  
Dave West is a very nice guy to deal with an he does use paypal and the shipping is pretty fast .  
Altough more based on old/very good VOX specs the AC30 OT from Obsolete Electronics is AMAZING , haven't used it yet but their plexi style OTs do rock anyway .  
greetings from the Netherlands ,  
11/5/2003 6:53 PM
julien from france

hey chris, your french's just BADASS...i mean, that's the only thing you need to know to get a girl down here....:);)  
anyway, i went on westlab website and dave west told me that his set of trannies was good for a dc30 clone but not for a chieftain... claimming that the chieftain needed 450v. but on the schematic (thru schematic heaven) it seems to be 350...  
really dunno....  
thanx again for the link. au revoir.  
julien from france. take care.
11/6/2003 10:18 AM
Dave H

I think Dave West is right. My Chieftain schematics show the PT as 350-0-350V AC which gives it a plate voltage of 415V with the high bias current it runs at. The DC30 B+ is 345V.  
Dave from England

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