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Orange drops aren't good?

9/25/2003 5:39 AM
Mark Abbott
Orange drops aren't good?
I have been going through the contents of my hard drive, and found something written by Andy Marshall of THD.  
Contrary to popular belief, “Orange Drop” film capacitors are far from great. They are OK for certain position in certain circuits, but their consistency from one to the next is atrocious. Maybe this is part of why so many people who use them in PTP amps find the need to make wire adjustments. This is a big part of what I mean by using the right components.  
What is the story, is Andy correct or is he yanking our collective chains?  
If Andy is correct, what should one use instead of the humble Orange Drop?  
Yours Sincerely  
Mark Abbott.
9/25/2003 5:59 AM

Hi Mark, well i'll probably get flamed and doused with gas and relit just to make sure i get But they make alot of different orange drops, I have some of the old old ones,and they seem fine,but the new ones to me seem to sterilize your amp. But this is just my opinions,and so many other types beside orange drops are out there that you can use.. I don't know if the new ODs are made in a different way or something they use or what, but i don't use the new ones at all any more. I think i even sent something about them in an e-mail to you on the Trainwreck amp.  
9/25/2003 8:41 AM
Carl Gigun

I don't have enough experience to compare them all, and I'm curious about what might make one cap sound "sterile" and a different type sound good. I realize that different caps distort the signal in different ways (thanks steve bench) but what do you think causes the sterile sound? Maybe that the cap works too well, as in it doesn't color the sound very much, while another cap type distorts the signal in a way that sounds better for guitar?  
I wonder...  
-Carl Gigun
9/25/2003 11:49 AM
Dominik Check out these guys...
These guys carry very very good Orange "Dip" caps (metallized) that sound extremely good and are cheap.  
Here is the link:  
9/25/2003 3:45 PM
Re: Orange drops aren't good?
"well i'll probably get flamed and doused with gas and relit just to make sure i get "
Well, actually, I agree with ya. Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it! :D  
I much prefer the non-dipped yellow axial-lead jobbies that AES sells. They're nice and small, which is good if you're trying to pack a lot of stuff in a limited space, and they sound a lot better. They're made by IC and they're listed as tubular polyprop on AES's website.  
C ya,  
9/25/2003 4:06 PM
Craig C.

I suppose my ears are broke. I've been using nothing but 715/716 series OD's for many years, I'm not talking the odd one here and there I'm talking complete population of the board, and I would put one of my 5E5A's or 5F6A's up against any that I've come accross. Different strokes I suppose.
9/25/2003 5:23 PM
Dai Hirokawa

Hey Richie, do you mean all of the available orange drops (PS, 715P, 716P, 418P, 225?) or just certain ones? Maybe the newer ones have slightly less distortion or something?  
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