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EL84 Standalone reverb OT?

8/3/2003 9:34 AM
EL84 Standalone reverb OT?
Hi all.  
i have an AX84 P1 that i'd like to recycle as a standalone reverb unit. i also have an accutronics reverb tank that has 2k input impedance and 10k output impedance.  
can anyone recommend the kind of transformer i'd be looking at for this application (4k:2k SE), and maybe a common manufacturer that makes them? i'm in new zealand.  
8/4/2003 4:03 AM
Wild Bill

Darren, the 2k input on your tank means it probably came from a transformerless circuit. This was more common than you'd think.  
Check out many of the Traynor schematics. Basically the reverb driver tube feeds the tank directly through a big valued coupling cap.  
It does have a different sound. Many folks love it but of course it's all personal taste.  
This would be much easier than trying to source an oddball transformer of 4k:2k or so. I'm not saying you won't find one but I'm sure glad it's you looking and not me! :)  
---Wild Bill

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