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recording preamps??

6/22/2003 5:08 PM
recording preamps??
hey guys,  
i got a question about recording preamps. Well, on any schematic for a preamp i've seen, its just the preamp section of whatever amp. But if it's a recording preamp, there's a choke and a bunch of other stuff for the recording out. if i make no sense look at the vtwin schematic and compare the poweramp out to the recording out. now...question is... why do you need the choke and all that other stuff? and what would happen if you plugged a normal preamp into the board? thank a lot.
6/22/2003 9:39 PM

Well, it sounds extremely thin and crappy. The recording out circuit is a speaker simulator and chokes are commonly used in this type of circuit. Most people find even with the speaker sim circuit it still doesn't sound very good, but for practicing with headphones they may work well *enough*. I don't have that much direct experience working with simulators, but I can sure tell that putting a preamp directly into a board sounds like crap.  
See ya  
6/22/2003 10:08 PM

sweet action. thanks dude
6/23/2003 2:04 PM
Just to qualify this - some preamp Recording Outs are pretty good. I've used both the Marshall JMP-1 (no chokes just op-amps) and the Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp (might use a choke, can't remember) into hi-fi for playing at home and both delivered the goods. :)  
Do a search for something like "Bulldog cab sim" (can't quite remember the name) - it's a small and simple non-choke circuit you can add to any preamp. The guys who did it did freq response tuning.  
Of course, preamps are not like playing in front of a 4x12 at 50W+, but what is? ;)

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