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Re: 6SL7/6SN7 vs 12AX7

7/8/2003 8:40 PM
steve m
Re: 6SL7/6SN7 vs 12AX7
Also online here:  
7/9/2003 1:22 AM
Mark Lavelle

*Every* vacuum hacker (that would include you ;)) should download Duncan's Tube Data Sheet Locator ( or bookmark the online version at *and* bookmark Frank's Electron Tube pages (  
Between these two you will be able to find the essential data on almost any tube you can find.  
-- Mark
7/9/2003 2:03 AM
John Culp

I've got 'em all bookmarked, Mark. It's quicker to look 'em up in the books if you've got 'em, though. :)
7/9/2003 2:44 AM
Mark Lavelle

"I've got 'em all bookmarked, Mark."
I knew that, John – I was just informing the other John...
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