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4X10 cab rattles

5/30/2003 8:05 PM
4X10 cab rattles
I have a Marshall 4X10 cab which rattles. The rattle is more pronouced on certain notes. Mostly A  
and B notes. My amp head bounces up and down while sitting on this cab. I don't have another head to try with this cab. Do I have a bad speaker? My amp is 40 watts and the cab is rated at 140 watts. Speakers are Celestion G35L-10. Any ideas? I checked for loose speakers and found none.
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5/30/2003 8:49 PM

something is obviously resonating at those frequencies (110-120Hz, most likely). the sides of the box could be loose, or perhaps the back.
6/1/2003 1:07 PM

I found in some of the angeled cabs, it can be the board where the name plate is mounted. Kinda hold or press on it to see if it stops making the noise. Or you just have to listen to see where the rattle buzz is coming from. Handels might also cause rattles.. the center bar of those can cause buzzy rattles..  
I've always used a piece of foam under each side of my amp head for it to sit on. It keeps down alot of the head vibrations. Then again you'll have to see if its a speaker..or its just the cab causing the noise.  
6/1/2003 4:56 PM
The amp head your using, does it have negative feedback in it? I found that when using amps without negative feedback that certain amps resinate more in the A and E cord. Just a thought.  
The cab should be checked for any possible loose screw and speaker also as some marshall 4x12s also rattle until you install a piece of foam between the back panel and the center board the goes from the front to back as a support. Ive seen that in two marshall 4x12 cabs and I just used a piece of carpet to fix that problem and the rattle went away.  
Good luck  
6/17/2003 12:36 AM

ya man i got the same problem  
i have a marshall 4x10 and it rattles too  
the most on low Bflat. it just buzzes like a biatch.  
i tried a different head, still buzzes. i took the back off and the buzz is gone. but as soon as i get the back on, it resonates like a bitch. i checked out the name plate and the handles...they don't seem to be the problem. it seems like the back panel is buzzing the most. i even tried stuffing a towel inside of it...sorta like you do for kick drums. any ideas? should i try lining the area where the back panel contacts the rest of the cabinet with foam or something that would absorb vibrations??? thanks....
6/17/2003 1:04 AM

"should i try lining the area where the back panel contacts the rest of the cabinet with foam or something that would absorb vibrations??? "
Try to find the really thin adhesive-backed weatherstripping foam that is often used for pickup truck caps (aka 'camper shells' if you're in AZ) to make a positive seal from the outside between the cap and the pickup's bed. It's about 0.25" thick and 1" or 1.25" wide, and one roll ought to do you up. Just put it where the screws from the back panel screw into the cab, and when you tighten it up, you should be buzz free. If not, open it back up, check the center of the cab, and see if it has a 2"x2" brace from the speaker baffle to the back panel. If it does, make sure the back panel end of it has a piece of foam also, if not, consider adding one.... This brace makes the back panel considerably stiffer by bracing it at the middle. Anything else you can do to make that back panel stiffer will help, too....  
C ya,  
6/17/2003 2:44 AM

thanks a lot dude, will do.

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