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Cab for EV12L

5/26/2003 6:37 PM
Todd Hepler Cab for EV12L
Howdy folks,  
I just recently finished a Trainwreck clone and need something to go with it - I'm having an EV12L reconed and I figured this would be a good choice.  
I'm looking for semi-open back designs like Dumble's or Boogie's thiele cabs. Anyone have dimensions?Anyone know what frequency these cabs are tuned to?  
Thanks for your time,  
5/26/2003 10:25 PM
bob predaina Re: TL-806 for EVM-12L
Hi Todd,  
do you have a copy of the engineering data sheet for the EVM-12L? you can download it from the EV web site. it references the cabinet requirements. IIRC just about any sealed enclosure with a box volume of about 1.0-3.0 cu ft will yield similar results. The enclosure size makes surprisingly little difference in that range. even with a 1.3 fu ft box the bass response is pretty flat down to 80 Hz, so there's not alot of need to go with a ported cab for guitar use.  
if you want to go with the thiele small ported type of enclosure, the EVM-12L data sheet references a technical set of blueprints for the TL-806 cabinet. The TL-806 measures 13.5x17.75x14.5 inches and has a gross internal volume of 1.3 cu ft. the EVM-12L/TL-806 combination has an fB of 75 Hz and an f3 of 83 Hz. i'm pretty sure that this is the *exact* cabinet that mesa uses. call the tech support guys at EV and they'll be happy to mail you the plans.  
The EVM-12L data sheet specifies that the document number for the TL-806 enclosure is 1544-523. The TL-806 plans that i have are marked with a different form number: 1544-847. You may have to ask for both numbers. i'd xerox my copy for you, but the document that i have is printed on an odd sized page that I can't duplicate.  
i've built the 3.2 cu ft TL-606 cab for the EVM-15L. it goes down to 40 Hz and makes a fine rig for guitar and 4-string bass. essentially, its just a scaled-up version of the TL-808. a word of warning -- the TL series cabinets are a more complicated cabinet design than you may expect. having built one, they're not too difficult if you've got good cabinetmaking skills, but time and money being what it is, if i had had to choose between building and buying, i'd just skip DIY and buy one of the boogie cabs. of course, YMMV.  
for guitar, i'd just go with an open back or sealed box and skip the T-S tuned enclosure for the EVM-12L, as the T-S box is more difficult to build and doesn't really offer any real sonic advantages over a good sealed box. in fact, the opposite is true -- the T-S arrays have really great bass response for small signals, but when fed large signals the bass rolloff is dramatic. for stage volumes you may get better results with a sealed box.  
5/27/2003 1:48 AM
Todd Hepler
Bob -  
Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I'm curious about trying a ported cab just for something different. The big oval opening on the back of the tone tubbies and the Dumble design amounts to a very shallow port, and I was curious as to what freq these were tuned at. I have alot of experience with building complicated sub cabinets from years in car audio, so build complexity is not an issue.  
The tuning information provided in your post is most helpful, as I'll be able to plu these numbers into my box design program and see a few response curves  
Thanks Bob!  
5/27/2003 2:31 PM
bob predaina
Hi Todd,  
if you're curious about building a ported cab just to try something different, that's a GREAT excuse to build a T-S type of enclosure!  
if you've got a good spreadsheet that covers all of the T-S parameters, you're all set. its interesting that you used to go this for car audio -- IIRC the Excel spreadsheet that I'm using came from one of the car audio subwoofer guys.  
In EV's TL series cabinets the construction is a little goofy, as the ports are manufactured out of wood strips. When I built my TL606 25+ years ago, I had the help of a master carpenter who helped me build it in his shop. he thought that the way that they designed the cabinet's internal structural support/bracing was a fine example of doing things the hard way -- we couldn't tell if the audio engineers were clueless as carpenters or if they were on to something significant for the low frequency wave flow, so we followed the plans to the letter, thinking that the engineers did things their way for acoustic reasons.  
since the time that they designed the TL series cabinets, EV changed their approach and started publishing plans in the mid 80s that use various diameters/lengths of PVC pipe for the tuned ports. that apporoach makes tuning the port to a test signal alot easier -- once you're close, just vary the length of the tube until speaker excursion reaches a minimum.  
have fun!  
5/27/2003 1:13 AM
Re: Cab for EV12L
First off, I really love EV12Ls and some of the other models, but I don't think anyone has ever ultimately ended up using this speaker with an Express. A few years ago I ran mine through a few different speakers which included EVs. My only suggestion would be to try it and see. As for the dimensions, I have no idea.......  
See ya  
5/27/2003 1:50 AM
Todd Hepler
So what were your impressions of the Twreck thru the EV12L ?  
thanks for the response -  
5/27/2003 2:27 AM
Dr Krumpet
Do you really wanna use a 12L?  
It seems that people either love or hate that speaker. I hated it for distorted tones but found that it is great for playing clean. It seemed that I could never get a 12L to sound correct to my ears unless the room had lot's of natural reverberation to it. IMO a bit on the tempermental side.  
Mesa used to have the 12L as an upgrade option for Boogies and I know of several Boogie owners who swapped them out for Celestions.  
Guess it comes down to personal taste.
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