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Marshall 1959 100 watt chassis layout needed.

4/23/2003 4:21 PM
Mitch Marshall 1959 100 watt chassis layout needed.
I wanted to ask if any one here might possibly have the chassis layout on cad or another type cad system to a Marshall non master model 1959 chassis 100 watt amp?  
I talked to Ted Weber and he is willing to build these chassis if he can get a correct layout on this chassis.  
I really want to build a 1959 Marshall but having the right chassis is needed. Im sure there are a few others that might want to build this amp as well since its one heck of a great sounding all time favorite amp.  
Maybe some one here might have this and would be willing to help out???  
4/23/2003 5:10 PM

Got one that I used my 76 2203 chassis to measure off of, same chassis but the faceplate covered two input holes. Give me a couple of days to verify my measurements as I drew this up a long time ago and not sure how accurate I drew it.  
Post it as soon as I verify it.  
4/23/2003 5:17 PM

Damn lack of edit function, thought of this right as I hit submit.  
Transformer footprints:  
PT: Hoffman's PT will bolt right to the stock hole locations as I'm sure a MercMag will as well.  
OT: Here's the problem, OEI's 100w OT's footprint is different than stock. Hoffman's 100w OT is different from stock but not sure how it compares to OEI's footprint. Have a MM OT on order for this chassis and guessing that should bolt right up.  
Don't have the Hoffman OT on hand as I returned it, got a OEI sitting here but as I recall both places have the footprints listed so perhaps you could compare.  
Going to have to choose what footprint for the OT you want as Ted likes to have those on his chassis. Personally would prefer no transformer mounting holes drilled so I could use whatever I want but nobody ever agrees with me.  
4/23/2003 5:26 PM
Im sure that no OT footprints for that chassis would be ok with Ted as it does allow the user to install different OT,s.  
As long as the chassis and all other holes are correct then thats what would count.  
Ted said that Graydon Stuckey carries the correct faceplate to fit this chassis so thats where we could get the front panel from but not sure about the rear panel?  
I belive Mike Kash @ M&G also has these panels too.  
Who sells the correct marshall rear panel?  
I wonder if Graydon was working on the rear panel for his Marshall project amps? Maybe Graydon will chime in on this hopefully?  
P.S. I feel that if Ted makes these chassis it will be really great that the Ampagers that want to do the 100 watt marshall non master as a project will really dig this. I personally like the sound of the 100 watters over the 50 watter non master amps as I feel they sound much fuller in tone.  
4/28/2003 2:42 PM

blanked this with the little time I had on Sun, mainly bumping this for myself to remind me.  
4/30/2003 3:41 AM
Back to the top....  
Don't forget BW. :)  
5/13/2003 2:04 PM

i forgot
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