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Re: Marshall 1959 100 watt chassis layout needed.

5/18/2003 5:56 AM
Re: Marshall 1959 100 watt chassis layout needed.
Hey Brent,  
Were you able to get those specs on the marshall 100 watt chassis?  
I talked to Ted Weber and he said all he needs is the specs to get some of these made. If his chassis making source makes these like the 6SX then they will be really heavy duty.  
5/29/2003 4:29 AM

Finally got a drawing and some pictures to Ted yesterday.  
sorry about the wait  
5/30/2003 1:56 PM
Thanks B.  
Hopefully Ted will do something with this and build that 100 watt chassis :D  
7/3/2003 9:20 PM
SLObrain Re: Marshall 1959 100 watt chassis length needed
Thanks to BWilliamson Ted is almost on his way to building the Marshall 100 watt chassis with front and back face plates.  
Thanks B :D  
Ted is asking what the actual lenth of the chassis is and he said he gotten several different responces to the length of a 100 watt chassis so he is not sure what length the chassis needs to be.  
Ted is trying to get this just like the orignal 100 watt 1959 amp chassis.  
Can any one here measure thier model 1959 marshall 4 input 100 watt chassis and post what the measurments are?  
Hopefully Ted will have this chassis to offer soon so us Ampagers can do a 100 watt Marshall build.  
7/9/2003 1:09 PM
Any takers on this subject???
7/10/2003 12:21 AM

Gotten taken care of I believe on Weber's Marshall board.
7/15/2003 1:31 AM
Major Pain
Man, I sure hope Ted gets those chassis done soon as I'm ready to do my 100 watt 1959 clone amp with the hi gain mod :D wahooooo.......  
Major Pain 8^/
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