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Ibanez cs-505 not working properly

12/4/2002 3:08 PM
Ibanez cs-505 not working properly
My ibanez cs-505 stereo chorus only works in mono-mode, there is no effect on the stereo output, only the clean signal. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?  
Also, does anybody know where I can get a schematic of this pedal.  
Any help is greatly appreciated.  
Thanks a lot,  
12/10/2002 5:09 AM
That's probably the way it's supposed to work. Choruses (and flangers and phasers)work by combining a modified signal(a short, varying delay in the case of a chorus) with the dry signal. Some stereo choruses do stereo by sending the dry signal to one output and the modified signal to the other output. Try putting a dummy plug or a guitar lead with the other end not plugged in into the stereo jack. Then go from the mono jack to your amp. If it sounds like vibrato instead of chorus the cs-505 operates as I described above. To get the stereo sound you'll need two amps, one for each output, the more seperation the better.  
If this doesn't describe your chorus then I'm full of beans and you should feel free to ignore everything I've written.
12/10/2002 12:04 PM

Thanks a lot Rick, you're probably right.  
I'll try it as soon as I get home tonight.
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