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Shin-ei fuzz....

2/20/2003 9:57 PM
Shin-ei fuzz....
i've just bought a Shin-ie FY2 fuzz pedal.Its great but the vol. drops when fuzz is engaged.Is there a simple way of curing this prob.??  
Any help would be great John
2/21/2003 7:45 PM
Mark Hammer
Great little fuzz, huh? I've got one and I love it. I don't experience any volume drop, though.  
I thought something was a little wrong with the posted schematic ( changed the wiring of my distortion pot so that it acts like a kind of balance/blend control. On mine, the 2200pf cap goes to an outside leg of the pot, and the wiper goes to the remainder of the output circuitry. I find this gives a wider range of possible fuzz sounds for whatever reason, although the wiring shown works fine too. I can't remember whether the one orientation produces more output than the other but it is worth checking.  
Stick a booster before this baby and listen to the 500lb bumble bee. Deliciously sick.
2/22/2003 6:57 PM

Mark, while I agree that it makes more sense and sounds better wired the way you suggest, I have an origional, unaltered pedal that is wired just like the posted schematic.  
It was/is the first pedal I ever owned, given to me by my high school guitar band teacher. I played bass for him in a little Legion band for several years and he also later gave me a big old Maestro phaser with the two foot wheels to control Speed and Balls. I still have this one too.
2/25/2003 7:17 PM

That fuzz is killer! Build another one with the mod. Or, well, don't :)
2/25/2003 9:53 PM
Mark Hammer
I don't doubt the schematic one bit, Rick. When I looked at it, though, I thought "Boy that's a weird way to wire it up" and naively thought that it was an error. As it turned out, both ways of wiring it worked.  
Hmmm, maybe this is one of those things where one sticks in a DPDT toggle to swap the two pot leads as the mood strikes you.  
P.S.: Did you know that Peter Snow, who also posts here sometimes is an IndCan guy too?
2/26/2003 6:41 PM

Nope, didn't know that. We should make a list, maybe we can have a convension.
2/26/2003 11:37 PM
Peter Snow

Oops, nearly missed this post. Where in IC are you Rick, Ottawa?  
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