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Small Stone volume fix?

9/21/2002 5:57 PM
The EH Man
Small Stone volume fix?
I didn't print it out earlier for future reference so I'll have to ask for it. Does anybody know the procedure for fixing the volume drop in an EH Small Stone?
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9/21/2002 9:21 PM
9/25/2002 3:57 PM
JD Sleep

What I call "The Dave Matelitz" mod (see the link in FPs post) seems to work most consistantly among the reports I've heard about.  
9/25/2002 10:44 PM
The EH Man

I changed both resistors to 10K and it worked great! Thanks for the info!
9/30/2002 11:09 AM
Re: Small Stone - Clicking Fix?
Did the fix and that worked well.. But I am getting a "Clicking" sound when I increase the rate pot. ANy ideas on how to correct that?  

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