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hum hum hum

4/15/2003 5:18 PM
hum hum hum
why am i getting nothing but hum, in the pedals i build?  
so far i've built the (or *tried to*) 'bazzfuss' at and the 'TMK' at Tim Escobedo's site.  
and when i turn them on i get nothing but hum.  
but regardless of the schems i've used. what can cause this hum?  
and there's only a difference in sound when i touch the hot-tip on the output jack. not on the input jack.  
it's just a hum. like a fuzzy hum. and in the schematics where the VOLUME control is last, i can (at least) turn it up/down.  
what am i doing wrong? :(
4/15/2003 6:21 PM

no worries.  
i got it working. it was a powersupply problem. *doh!*
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