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selling schematics

1/20/2003 1:59 AM
selling schematics
I have a schematic for an Ibanez wh-10 wah pedal. I've never seen one posted anywhere. I wonder if it's worth trying to sell? I breadboarded it and it sounded good. These pedals sell for alot these days. If I don't have any luck maybe i'll post it.
1/20/2003 7:25 AM

uuuhhhh.......I'm speechless, How much can you hope to make off of one schematic? Have I just taken the bait? :^) Jered
1/20/2003 4:43 PM
Analog Mike and the EH man sell schematics, IIRC.
1/20/2003 6:30 PM
Mark Hammer
So do lots of ther places, but what they do is provide a commercial service. For instance Ranger Electronics in Calgary has a huge compendium of factory schematics for all manner of consumer music electroncis products and charge for them. What you pay for, though, is the copying, the processing, the constant searching for updates or additional schems, and the mailing. You also pay for the right to phone them up and get them to send another if some time has passed and you didn't receive what was promised or got the wrong thing, etc. (that's hypothetical, not a slag against Ranger).  
If I tell you how I managed to save $50 in taxes last year, should I charge you for what I learned that one time? If, however, I come to work each day and advertise tax consultant services, and maintain an office and phone number, etc., just so I can provide that service in a reliable manner, I've probably earned the right to sell my services as a consultant.  
Bottom line, if you have a service to provide, sell away. If you have a schematic to offer (which, incidentally, I'll bet plenty existing schem services already have because, believe it or not Ibanez produced one themselves when the pedal was in production and needed to be serviced by repair people), consider yourself lucky and smart but not a vendor.  
None of that is intended as a reprimand, just a way of helping to identify when one is reasonably justified in selling things like this. Incidentally, what one often gets from these places when you fork over your 10 bucks or whatever, is a whole lot more than a schematic. They are often assembly diagrams, test voltages, etc. Not always, but often.
1/22/2003 3:44 PM
I think you should just post it for free, like everyone else...  
geesh....some people
1/22/2003 4:55 PM
Mark Hammer
Well, if you spend a lot of time producing the schem, and don't think it through very far, I can see where someone would think "I deserve to get something in return, here".  
Of course, think it through a little farther and it becomes a little more obvious that one just has to swallow that loss of time and move on.
1/22/2003 5:38 PM
good point Mark.  
It's called helping other people out, especially when there are so many other free schematics out there, which that person has used.
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