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Little Feat...phaser?

1/18/2003 11:07 PM
Little Feat...phaser?
Does anyone out there know what effect Paul Barrere uses on Little Feat's Waiting for Columbus and other albums? It sounds like a some type of phaser to me.  
'Anyone know?  
1/23/2003 9:20 PM
I know the sound well. He uses it all over the "Time Loves a Hero" album as well.  
Its definitely a phaser of some kind. I'm guessing am MXR or EH...those seem to be the phasers of choice of that era.  
It's a great tone; swirly, spongy, buttery, not at all sterile sounding like far too many phaser's I've tried in recent years.
1/23/2003 11:23 PM
Ben N

I asked the same question a few years back, and the only answer I got was Mutron Bi-Phase. Can't say that I have access to one of those, so I can't say yeah or nay, but a Phase 90 into an overdriven amp or a Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal doesn't seem too far off. "High Roller" is a pretty good example, but, yeah, that is pretty much a signature tone for Paul.  

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