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Merry Christmas

12/22/2002 3:21 PM
Merry Christmas
G'day all  
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all  
Cheers Ken.
12/23/2002 1:19 PM
Stephen Giles
A Merry Christmas and a hopefully a peaceful new year from me to.  
12/23/2002 9:00 PM

And from me too!  
Thanks for all the help, thoughts, ideas and inspiration to all of you!  
Now we're looking forward to a Happy New Year!  
Regards, Bernt
12/24/2002 3:09 AM
Merry Christmas for ALL!!!  
I hope that Santa put a lot of stompboxes  
on your tree hehe ho hohoho!!  
and a happy and full of diy stuff new year!!!  
12/24/2002 4:52 AM
Sean K

What more can one say but everybody just keep on being genuinely nice people and take it nice and easy.Cheers and many happy returns!
12/25/2002 11:34 AM
zachary vex
merry christmas to all of you. good night. 8^)  
never fail to have fun with electronics!
12/25/2002 11:36 PM
Its been almost a year (possiby more) since i last posted here but i just thought id drop in and say happy christmas and happy new year to all !

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