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Re: I need a good fuzz pedal

12/17/2002 1:18 AM
sk8rgirl Re: I need a good fuzz pedal
tone pad shows the ic as a 4558, i thought it was suuposed to be a 741?
12/17/2002 1:46 AM
Jim Jones

Yeah, the original was a 741. I think Francisco redid it with a dual figuring most people would have some around anyway?  
12/17/2002 9:57 AM

Jim is right.  
I bought a pile of dual opamps, so I use those.  
Because there is a large availability of dual opamps and they're pin compatible and priced the same or lower than single opamp ICs, it makes sense to use them in this kind of applications.  
I made my microamp and it works great with 4558, TL062, TL072, TL082.  
Good luck  
1/6/2003 5:19 AM

brown sound in a box goes from plexi to boogie in a box. I'm pretty happy with it.  
les paul,bsiab,zoom707,ts9,mxrphase 100,boss flanger........clean channel on a dsl 50 1/2 stack  
sounds like whitesnake ala sykes era  
The sound file does'nt do the pedal justice however
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