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Re: I need a good fuzz pedal

12/9/2002 7:45 PM
sk8rgirl Re: I need a good fuzz pedal
I have already built one of those....  
I was thinking of something "fuzz faceish"  
12/9/2002 10:52 PM

Kinda answered your own question there, didn't ya? ;)  
I LOVE my fuzzface. I tell you what. It goes from clean and sparkly to thick and sustainy, with lots of raw and refined tones all present and available from your guitar volume knob and pick attack. If you want over-the-top grungy distortion and saturation, slap a RangeMaster (clone) in front of it (or after it if you prefer); this combination is very close to a 3-transistor ToneBender, and it's great to have them both individually or together.  
Here's mine...
12/10/2002 2:43 AM
Mark Hammer
If getting hold of germanium transistors is a problem, Jack Orman's MOS-Face is actually pretty nice.
12/10/2002 3:30 AM
I have some 2N5088, 2N5089, and some 2N3904 transistors kicking do they sound in fuzz-face type circuits?
12/10/2002 1:25 PM
Mark Hammer
Nothing magical, but they are certainly suitable for making a Univox Superfuzz or Foxx Tone Machine clone, or for making a Big Muff Pi clone, all of which are fun to play. The BMP has lots of mod possibilities. I would suggest building whatever you build into a Hammond 1590BB chassis so that you have lots of rooms for extra switches and things. Once you get into add-on mods, they're hard to give up.
12/10/2002 6:29 AM
Marcus Dahl

If you built one of the mxr dis+'s get a pot and put on the power coming in so you can starve the circuit. It makes a GREAT fuzz.
12/11/2002 4:12 PM
dave taylor
what exactly do you mean starve the circuit?
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