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Questions about Zvex Fx...

12/1/2002 11:12 AM
Questions about Zvex Fx...
How work the " Probe " system on the Zvex pedals ?  
Maybe like a theremyn ?
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12/1/2002 6:56 PM
kluson guy
Does the $449.00 include the Vasoline?
12/1/2002 7:46 PM

Well, he says there is an "RF bubble" which is, in effect, what a theremin does.  
12/2/2002 12:14 AM
cynical man
12/2/2002 6:00 AM
zachary vex
no. you get probed with no lube.  
none of my pedals sell for that much... check for typical prices that my dealers charge. it's up to the dealers to set the sales price, not me.
12/2/2002 6:23 AM
kluson guy Ha Ha, no offence z
Sorry Zachary, my comment had nothing to do with your prices. You are still my hero!  
When I visited the FX forum this morning I first read the "Bend Over" post and added my Vasoline comment. The next post I read was the "Probe" question. I couldn't resist posting the same comment.  
Hell, we all know that the ponytail elastic is for extended probe maintenance. The oil rag ...  
Z, your mini amp looks amazing.
12/2/2002 11:50 AM
zachary vex
thanks! no offense taken. 8^)  
did you have a chance to listen to the sound samples at  

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