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modulating ocsillator

11/19/2002 12:40 AM
modulating ocsillator
I was playing with the rate knob on my trem and thought it would be cool to have a modulating ocsillator controlling the trem rate, so the frequence of the trem would keep oscillating.  
So i was woundering if there are any modulation ocsillators (one oscillator controlling the other ones frequency) that anyone knows of, or any good idears for designing one.
11/19/2002 10:44 PM
With some modding, this will work. You need to rig a simple oscillator to switch the up/down switch, I dont know enough about LFOs to tell you any more, but i expect the 555 chip would work well.  
HTH, griff
11/20/2002 3:01 AM
Re: modulating oscillator
You can use an expression/wah/volume-type pedal to control the rate pot. Geofex has an article explaining that too.
11/20/2002 3:47 PM

I wonder if an effect that uses a variable resistor for speed could have that pot replaced by the LDR part of an optoisolator. The LED could be connected to an LFO (like the one in Craig Anderton's phaser?) to change the resistance of the LDR periodically.
11/20/2002 4:47 PM

I'm sure that would work. Good idea.

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