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harmonic jerkulator reports sought?

10/10/2002 10:03 PM
John Shaft harmonic jerkulator reports sought?
anyone built this? i'm thinking of trying it soon...i've got several fuzzez in the works and this one looks and sounds pretty inreresting...
10/11/2002 1:36 PM
Ben N

I haven't built it, but I want to--the clips at RunoffGroove sound great.
10/11/2002 2:06 PM
I've built Tim Escobedo's Harmonic Jerkulator. It is a simplified version of the Harmonic Percolator. Tim has done an excellent job with this, as with his other circuits.  
If you are interested, it is worth the build. don't neglect the cool compressed clean effect you get when you roll back the gain pot or you guitar volume.  
BTW, I made one of the samples on www.runoffgroove,com
10/11/2002 3:27 PM
John Shaft
just recently stumbled onto this circuit design and am interested in building it very soon...perhaps you'd be so kind as to help me with a couple of questions though...  
what voltage is the circuit running at (i'm assuming 9V+) and secondly, what recommendations for transistor choices can you make.  
thanks much
10/11/2002 4:01 PM
Tim Escobedo
I run it at +9V. I used a 2N3904 and a 2n3906 for the transistors. I recall trying a 2N7000 in place of the 2N3904 to good effect.  
The only strange thing I had to do was add a 10k resistor in series with the input before the input cap to tame a odd oscillating problem. However, this problem has not been consistent.  
It sounds OK. My main interest in the circuit is the unusual arrangement of transistors.
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