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10/2/2002 6:51 AM
I have a plan to build equalizer pedal..but I don't know which one is the easiest and you guys know the schematic and PCB???  
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10/2/2002 8:04 PM
Mark Hammer
Look for the document on equalizers at GEOFEX. There will be some useful circuits there. In many cases, people don't really want more than a bump here and a cut there. Because the location of that bump/dip matters, they find that a multi-band EQ will generally have something close to the target frequencies covered (though many controls will stay in pretty much the same position from the day they buy it). You may have more luck with a simple 2-band parametric, where you can sweep the centre frequency to the one that needs attention. Certainly easier to build one of these in a small box, using rotary pots instead of slides. Fewer components as well, so less current consumption and lower cost.

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