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Re: Geofex Transformer Coupled Splitter

9/23/2002 4:08 PM
Re: Geofex Transformer Coupled Splitter
Cheers Griff, I'll have a look in the catalogue.
10/2/2002 1:43 PM
stephen conner

Maplin do sell some audio transformers but as far as I know, they are low-impedance mic matching transformers. What you need is a 1:1 isolating transformer designed for high-impedance audio signals (~100K) You could try Sowter transformers  
If you explain the application to them, and maybe show them the schematic, they'll make the right transformer for you. It might be expensive but it will be top quality. You can save money by having them make a single transformer with three windings, instead of two separate ones.  
Steve C.
10/2/2002 5:15 PM

Thankyou Steve, I appreciate your reply.  

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