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transistors...what pin goes where?

10/3/2002 6:20 PM
transistors...what pin goes where?
I'm new at this as you might have guessed...  
So I'm trying to build this jordan bosstone using a schematic I found on the net, and I don't know how to place the transistors(one PNP, and one NPN). The legs are unmarked and it doesnt say anything on the schematic. Help me out please.  
10/3/2002 11:23 PM

Try using NTE's" target="_blank">">NTE's online  
semiconductor cross-reference database or their Semiconductor" target="_blank">">Semiconductor  
Index then look up the pinout on NTE's" target="_blank">">NTE's  
pinout chart using NTE's stock number.
10/4/2002 2:47 PM
Mark Hammer
And make sure it is the most recent one from Aron Nelson. There are older ones floating around which have the orientation of one of the transistors indicated incorrectly.

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