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building a varible tone capacitor

10/3/2002 2:32 PM
Fuzzboxfive building a varible tone capacitor
Has anyone here ever tried to build a tone  
cap switch ? i'm new at the fx building,  
and was wondering what is the best way  
I'd like to make this to use in pre-distortion  
unit before my ts-9 and possibly in a fuzzface.  
any ideas guys??? thanks Rick
10/3/2002 11:20 PM

Usually we find that the stock input cap is too small, so the most common question is "how do I increase the bass in my ..." Here's a simplified drawing showing the stock cap (pictured in orange) on the circuit board and the new, bigger cap (pictured in blue; try 10uf for massive hugeness), and the potentiometer (100k should do for most applications, I guess) you'll use to dial in just the right amount of "fatness." width=400 height=400 alt="Variable Capacitor (c) Marc Ahlfs">

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